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Quickpics Photoshoot Rundown

Here are a few important guidelines to make sure your appointment runs smoothly.


• Turn on all the lights in the house and turn off ceiling fans.

• Clear off end tables and coffee tables. Arrange

decorative pillows and straighten couch cushions.

• Put away toys, magazines, and any other clutter that is visible.

• Remove small rugs, bathroom mats, and doormats.

• Remove towels, unless they are decorative.

• Clean off kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops. Put away soap, shampoo, and

conditioner from the shower during the shoot.


• Clear off front yard and store garden items.

• Remove leaves, if necessary.

• Arrange outdoor furniture and open any patio


• Put away pool toys and pool equipment.

*Quickpics photographers are on a mission to make your

home or listing look its best. Liability wise, our photographers

are not able to move furniture or clean houses. The

photographer should arrive to a clean and uncluttered home.

Thank you for making sure that happens!