Terms of Service


QuickPics provides premiere residential photography/videos and will perform these services to the best of its ability. Although we do our best to make your listing look the best it can for photos, please make sure all contractors, cleaners, and stagers have completed their work. Our photographers will not be able to wait on them during the appointment and you will be charged the $50 re-schedule fee.


Payment must be received before we will send photos unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment can be made over the phone at 1-888-244-8710, online via any Credit Card, Paypal, or by check. If sending a Check please allow 3-4 Days for mail time. We do not accept cash payments and our Photographers cannot accept payments. The download to photos will be sent within 12 hours of receiving  past due payment. Any outstanding invoices will be assessed an additional $25 fee 30 days after the services have been performed.


You opt-in to receive notifications about your order and appointment from QuickPics via text and emails.


If you need to cancel or re-schedule your scheduled appointment, we require at least 24-hours notice. If this occurs within the 24-hour period there will be a $25 cancellation fee via an on-line invoice, and we will work with you to get the next available appointment.


If there is a scheduled appointment and the client does not show up without communicating with Quickpics there will be a $50 fee that will be billed to you and can be paid on-line.


Refunds will only be issued if the appointment is canceled with at least 24-hours notice.


All images shot and created by QuickPics for the Client, are the sole copyrighted property of QuickPics. As a QuickPics Client you are granted limited usage rights to all marketing material provided by QuickPics.  This allows you to use, display, print, and link to the images provided while the property is on the market or through special contracts with Builders, Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, etc who may use the images to promote their services. Downloaded images can be used by the client for personal use as well as the Real Estate Owner. All images will only be kept on QuickPics servers for 180 Days. If images are being used outside of the QuickPics marketing program for monetary gain images are required to have either a QuickPics copyright watermark, an image credit, or a Copyright credit. By paying this invoice you are agreeing to the above Usage Rights.


The Client may elect to transfer rights of the QuickPics Marketing package and images to another individual or entity by notifying QuickPics of the transfer in written form. A transfer fee of $25 is required unless other arrangements have been made. QuickPics will not transfer or supply another individual or entity the photos or video without prior permission from the original party. All transfers must be performed within 180 days or the requesting party will need to schedule an new session with QuickPics.